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In 2012 Danielle was invited by creative director Pat mAcdonald (Grammy-nominated songwriter, formerly of the band Timbuk3- he wrote “The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades”) to participate in a series of songwriting intensives at the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Three times a year dozens of songwriters of varying genres are housed at the Motel for a week at a time to co-write, record and perform together. Songwriters are paired through a random “spin-the-bottle” process, and this is where the magic happens…

Reflecting on some of the material she had co written over the years, a group of songs emerged that proved to be transformational for Danielle, inspiring her to conjure up her latest project: Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen~Dark Love Songs.

"Dark Love Songs" features many of the co-writers and musicians Danielle has collaborated with at the Holiday Music Motel, as well as Victor DeLorenzo (of the Violent Femmes) on drums. The majority of the songs on this project were recorded in Milwaukee, WI at Makin' Sausage Music except for “Black Sunday” which was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios rehearsal hall when Danielle traveled to England to see Kate Bush live at the Apollo in 2014.

What listeners are saying about Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen~Dark Love Songs:

"Delicious Darkly Romantic Music" ~ Jayne Barnard, Fan

"I love it! Such a mystical sounding album." ~ Emma Hughes, Bassist on Black Sunday

"I love the haunting smoothness that you’ve woven into the tracks" ~ Cam Kushnir, Polar Bear Printing

"The recording is rich, thoughtful- folks will love the journey." ~ Morag Northey, Cellist/Songwriter

DRIVE (2012) 

Danielle French: Drive

In titling her fourth independent CD DRIVE it seems appropriate that Danielle drove 1,300 miles from Calgary, AB to Reno, NV to work with co-producer Tom Gordon at Imirage Sound Lab. Tom previously worked as a staff engineer at Granny’s with head engineer Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins, Shania Twain, Whitesnake), recording a wide range of major label recording artists including Dr. Dre, Whitesnake, Boys 2 Men, Collective Soul, Willie Nelson, and producer Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.

DRIVE represents a collection of driving, freedom and heartache songs inspired by Danielle's many years spent on the road touring throughout North America.

What listeners are saying about DRIVE:

DRIVE perfectly captures the sense of freedom and adventure one feels when embarking on a journey. You are transported into exactly into the state being the songs are describing – you can picture the past smearing in the rearview mirror, the window rolled down, and the winds of change in motion.”

“Love the sound! Love the images! Made me homesick for places I’ve never been.”

SHADOWS (2007)

Danielle French: Shadows

Shadows was released in 2007. The material on this project developed from earlier acoustic demos featured on her limited edition 2000 EP release foreshadow.

On Shadows, Danielle handpicked a short-list of “musical soul mates” to contribute their particular quirks to this recording. Shadows was co-produced by the multi-multi-talented Jonathan Lewis (the Plaid Tongued Devils, Rembetika Hipsters…), who also played violin, accordion, mandolin and keyboards. This project features the tightest rhythm section in Calgary, with Peter Moller on drums and Diane Kooch on bass (both of Kris Demeanors’ Crack Band). Brent Van Dusen did a bunch of crazy random percussion. The maddest of madmen guitarists, Martin Tielli (Rheostatics) played bizarre and beautiful electric guitars and also contributed some gorgeous vocal tracks and Diego Medina (Chad Van Gaalen’s co-producer and keyboardist) picked up where Martin left off and added just the right amount of strange synth sounds to take this project into outer space.


PIECE (2003)

Danielle French: Piece

Piece was released in 2003 at the Big Secret Theatre in Calgary, Alberta as part o Solocentric- a festival of new theatre performances, co-produced by One Yellow Rabbit Theatre. Featuring guest musicians Burton Cummings, Don Kerr (ex-Rheostatics, Ron Sexsmith), Paul MacLeod (The Skydiggers), Spider Sinneave (Tom Cochrane’s Band), Luke Doucet (Veal) and Jonathon Lewis (The Plaid Tongued Devils). Mixed by John Sorensen (The Rolling Stones, Beck, The Red Hot Chili Peppers) at The Banff Centre.


ME, MYSELF & I (1995)

Danielle French: me, myself $ i

Recorded between 1993 and 1995 at Bullfrog Studios in Vancouver, this project features members of Spirit of the West, Lava Hay, Matthew Good, as well as members of Blue Rodeo and members of Sarah McLachlan and Barney Bentall's bands.