Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs (2016)




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Credit: Album Cover by Joel Tobman

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Credit: Head Shot by Danielle French

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Credit: Head Shot by Danielle French

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Song Downloads for Promotional Purposes

It Must Be Roses (mp3)

Take My Love (mp3)

Black Sunday (mp3)


Charting History
Release Date: June 7, 2016

Lasell College Radio Newton, MA- Charted at #1

WLOY Baltimore, MD- Charted at #2

WERA Arlington, VA- Charted at #2

KTCV Kennewick, WA- Charted at #5

KRFP Moscow, ID- Charted at #6

WMSE Milwaukee, WI Charted at #17


Publicity Soundbytes
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No Depression (Journal of Roots Music)
9 out of 10 Stars  “French brings together a variety of elements, pop, folk, blues, and throws them into a wonderfully disjointed tempo.”

Music Street Journal
“This is an unusual and intriguing album. It’s also one that’s likely to make my “best of 2016” list.”

BabySue.Com ™
“Ms. French's music is moody and slightly peculiar and has been compared to classic artists like Kate Bush and Tom Waits… Miss Scarlett & The Madmen: Dark Love Songs might just be the album to catapult Danielle's career to the next level…”

Vents Magazine
9 out of 10 stars  “Dark Love Songs easily rates among the year’s best albums from anyone.”

8 out of 10 stars “(French) inhabits these songs like a persistent spectre and her emotive power alone is enough to transcend any latent tendencies these songs might have towards cliché... French is unquestionably skilled at making the old new again for a different generation.”

Band Blurb
9 out of 10 stars  “Danielle French’s Miss Scarlett and the Madmen Dark Love Songs is one of the most imaginative works in recent history.”

Music Existence
9 out of 10 stars  “The power of Danielle French’s nine song collection Dark Love Songs lies in its chameleon like ability to reshape itself at will and redefine a host of familiar tropes… one of the most interesting talents working today.”

Gashouse Radio
9 out of 10 Stars  “Dark Love Songs is born from chance and takes wild swings at greatness that invariably connect… The nine songs on this album are products of (Holiday Music Motel co-writing) partnerships, but the songs are always brightly burning examples of her own temperament and ambition.”

Skope Mag
4 out of 5 Stars  “One of the year’s most unusual and unified offerings.”

Indie Music Reviews
Dark Love Songs ranks certainly as one of the more imaginative efforts anyone will hear in 2016.”