The Power of NOW (a book by
Eckhart Tolle.)

The only moment there is is NOW.

All we have is NOW, all we ever have is NOW (The Flaming Lips)

I am on the email list for visionary thinker Derek Sivers. He started the successful independent online music store CD Baby. He was constantly being asked "What are you doing NOW?" so decided to make a /now page on his website. He found answering the question of "What are you doing NOW?" helped him to focus in on what his current priorities are. He is encouraging others to do the same and it's now becoming somewhat of a movement!  http://nownownow.com/

What am I doing NOW, you might ask? 

It seems very timely that I ask this of myself as I a year ago I made a career move to get involved in the film industry in Calgary, AB and just finished my first film gig- nine months on the TV Show Hell on Wheels.

NOW I am currently happily unemployed as it's giving me time to focus on my own creative projects including:

- Post-production on my upcoming short film "Last Goodbye

- Completing the mastering, graphic design and pressing on my new upcoming CD "Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen ~ Dark Love Songs" due for release in February 2016.

- Creating an IndieGogo campaign to fund the mastering, graphic design, pressing and promotion of my upcoming CD

- Creating a timeline to plan the release and promotion of my upcoming CD

- Researching and Applying to various grants for future film and music projects

- Researching and sending material to music supervisors for potential film/TV placement opportunities

- Trying to figure out how to land a publisher to help my music generate income. 

And while I'm using my time wisely to move my own projects forward, I am actively seeking work in the film industry. The first job sort of fell in my lap, so I'm learning to navigate the process to find the next gig and very much looking forward to what the universe has in store for me for upcoming film industry work.

Personally, I am implementing new good habits that were hard to maintain with a 10 hour a day work schedule:

- Got a gym membership so I can get in the habit of working out

- Going to yoga twice a week

- Reading a book on Raw Food and learning new recipes

- Drinking less alcohol

- Meditating/ using Law of Attraction visualization exercises to attract what I want into my life